After losing his sight in the early 1980s, John Hull began recording an audio diary. His account formed the basis of the critically acclaimed film series and VR project Notes on Blindness. But John was not the only member of the Hull household making recordings on audio-cassette during this period…

His eldest daughter Imogen was the self-styled presenter of ‘Radio Hull’, an ambitious make-believe radio show recorded on her Fisher Price tape recorder. Over the next five years she amassed over twelve hours of recordings, playfully documenting family life. With the help of her father and younger siblings, she recorded improvised musical performances, news and weather reports, skits, impressions and mock-interviews with other family members.

As a counterpoint to her father’s landmark investigation of blindness, this short film moves between Imogen’s childhood recordings and her reflections today. Imogen recalls growing up with a blind father, reprocessing her memories of him following his death last year.

Radio H will be released on October 2016.